Neatness is a big deal when it comes to sex and intimacy – MzTooknow Paemka


Neatness is a big deal when it comes to sex and intimacy – MzTooknow Paemka.

A guest on the relationship and sex talk show on Ghanaweb TV, Moans and Cuddles, MsTooknow Paemka, has bemoaned the insanitary practice on the part of some Ghanaian men before they indulge in sexual activities with their partners.

Ms Paemka, who was contributing to the topic “What does it take to satisfy a woman sexually”, said some men do not take their hygiene seriously at all, the reason they are not enjoying good sex at home.”

She listed prolong wearing of the same boxers, refusal to brushing of teeth and keeping basic hygiene practice as reasons that make it difficult for their wives or girlfriends to have intimacy with them.

“ Let me say something about neatness, and this is a very big deal with most of the guys, you see, guys will complain of not getting sex at home, but you come from work, you’ve been out the whole day you don’t brush your teeth, you don’t bath, and when you even bath you don’t scrub your balls well. The other time I kissed a guy and the guy put his hand in between his thighs, and when I smelled it, the stench alone, it’s been many years but I still remember, you wear the same boxer two weeks, so when he comes near you he stinks”, she told the host Akosua Konadu Owusu.

She advised men to take their hygiene seriously if they want to enjoy great sex with their partners

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