Society makes it difficult for women to enjoy sex – Miss Na’na Yaa


Society makes it difficult for women to enjoy sex – Miss Na’na Yaa.

Miss Na’na Yaa, a consultant by profession says the double standards of society when it comes to women pleasuring themselves, make it difficult for them to enjoy the act.

Speaking in the capacity as a guest on GhanaWeb’s Moans and Cuddles Show, she reiterated that society sees it okay for a man to masturbate, but it comes after women who engage in such activity by calling them all sorts of names.

This was her reaction to a comment by one of the viewers of Moans and Cuddles, who described women who complain about not being sexually satisfied in their relationships as ‘animalistic’. He continued that these women engage in excessive masturbation and pornography.

“This holistic man, is saying that because a woman masturbates to seek pleasure for herself she is animalistic? You see, this is the double standard of society I am not able to grasp.

This same man, will sit on a toilet bowl, take a magazine, watch some porn somewhere of some nasty thing, take Vaseline and then jerk off, and feel good, but a woman buys a vibrator and she is animalistic?, she told host Akosua Konadu Owusu.

The second episode of Moans and Cuddles took a critical look at women’s sexual satisfaction, and what it takes for women to enjoy sex with their partners.


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