Coronavirus UK: Stop having ‘bohemian’ sex during the pandemic, says expert


Coronavirus UK: Stop having ‘bohemian’ sex during the pandemic, says expert.

The coronavirus hasn’t just pressed pause on your pub trips and poor hygiene – you need to stop having ‘bohemian’ sex too, says an expert.

No, that doesn’t just refer to having sex while wearing a fringed jacket.

Professor Paul Hunter has said that unless you’re living together, you shouldn’t be having sex, and that sex with your partner should be avoided for seven days if one partner shows any symptoms.

Even couples who do live together should ditch the lovemaking if one of them is in the higher risk groups – meaning they’re over the age of 70, has an underlying illness, or is pregnant – and one of them has possible Covid-19 symptoms.

And if you lead what the professor calls a ‘bohemian’ lifestyle, having sex with multiple people and mixing socially as part of that, you need to stop.

Professor Hunter said: ‘If your partner does not live with you then they should be staying away.

‘If your sex life is rather more bohemian and you cannot get to have sex without mixing with some/many other people, this mixing is advised against, so stay at home.

‘This is especially important if you are in one of the at-risk groups.’

He noted that the risk of catching the virus ‘comes from being close, face-to-face, through droplet spread, through kissing and touching each other’s faces’, so no, just using a condom won’t protect you either.

This makes sense, really. The official advice is to maintain social distancing, so even hanging out with new people in a pub isn’t wise – let alone snuggling up in bed together.

If you live with your partner, however, you’re already in close contact with them. So it won’t do you any harm to have sex in your self-isolated home – unless you’re experiencing any symptoms.

While there’s some evidence to suggest that having an orgasm boosts your immune system, that won’t do you much good if you’re already ill.

‘The evidence is unclear about whether vigorous exercise is bad for you when you are acutely unwell with fever or pneumonia,’ Professor Hunter said. ‘Nevertheless, it would probably be best to avoid sex whilst you feel poorly.

‘Whether you do or do not still have sex during this period, remember to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds and avoid touching your or your partner’s face with unwashed hands.’

The reality is that it would be quite tricky to have sex with a new person while social distancing – you’d have to interact physically before any genital-on-genital action, and going on a date, drinking at a bar, or any of the other usual ways you might get to know someone you’d like to bone aren’t currently recommended.



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