Why Women Love Guys That Treat Them Like Trash


Why Women Love Guys That Treat Them Like Trash.

This is just funny and I believe ladies may not agree with me, that some of them prefer dating those men or guys that treat them badly.

As an observant person, i see it on daily basis.In my head, I came up with some analysis why some ladies tend to go for those guys that we feel treat them like trash.

When we are talking about being nice, try to understand that being a nice man is totally different from being a weak man.

Listen to me carefully, if you cannot be the real you when it comes to a woman world, then you are a weak man.

A bad guy can be nice and also still be wicked; the wicked part I am trying to talk about, is that the bad guy is always real when it comes to ladies world.

But the weak guy or nice guy, always tries to please the woman, even if he isn’t comfortable with the idea.

He is always scared to say his opinion to the girl and equally scared of her leaving him.

In which the real guy, popularly known as the “Bad guy” doesn’t care whether she leaves or stays.

Some men, if a girl crosses their boundary, they will just overlook which means you don’t know what you want.

Have this at the back of your mind always;

1) Never fail to let a girl know when she has offended you no matter how beautiful she may be.

2) Laughing stupidly when you are around her is something to be looked into as well.

I am not saying you should be Mr serious or sought of, but laugh when it is absolutely necessary or only when it is funny to you.

Don’t be so happy because you have seen her and start smiling like a child.

3) Being afraid to let a girl go is another reason why some ladies tend to do what they do. As a man, your self respect is more important than her. If she can’t respect you, just let her go!

4)Not having a life should be the most important on this very list. My brother don’t always be too available whenever she needs you.

She called you to come over, don’t just agree as if you are desperate! Tell her that you have to check your schedule if there is time.

5) Please don’t give her money so easily if she asks for it. Let’s say, she asked you for 3000 naira and you just give to her like that without making her work for it is somewhat wrong.

Most importantly, don’t always try to make her happy at your own detriment.

Do only those things that you like whether she likes it or not as Long as you are comfortable with it.

For instance, a girl may say you like ignoring her but when you start giving her too much attention, she throws you to the nice guy section because she has changed you…

I hope this my article saves some nice guys experiencing this challenge in their relationships.


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