‘Sweet ex’: Don’t beat Medikal – Sister Derby warns Fella in new song


‘Sweet ex’: Don’t beat Medikal – Sister Derby warns Fella in new song.

Hundreds of music lovers across the country thought Medikal and Fella tying the knot will finally breathe peace into the bumpy relationship between his wife and Derby.

But little did they know that the trolls, digs, jabs, and insults were about to reach its height.

Medikal on Sunday, April 5, 2020, celebrated his birthday with a host of fans and colleagues flooding his inbox and social media pages with messages.

Among the celebrants was Sister Derby, an ex-girlfriend of Medikal.

In demonstrating her maturity and undying love, the model posted a photograph of herself and Medikal on Instagram and captioned it “Happy Birthday my sweet ex”.

This post seemed to have infuriated wife of Medikal, Fella Makafui who responded by sharing a picture of herself and Medikal with their wedding ring to announce her presence as the Mrs of the house.

Reacting to Fella’s gesture, Sister Derby swiftly released a ‘diss’ song to fire back at her.

The song titled ‘Sweet Ex’ warned Fella Makafui not to lay a finger on Medikal over birthday wishes.

” I am just greeting him oo, don’t be beating him oo, I am not eating him oo. Oh my Sweet Ex, bye bye sweet ex. Just because I am greeting doesn’t mean that I am eating,” Sister Derby said in the song.

Listen to the full song below:


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