Ghana is Likely to go Lockdown again


Ghana is Likely to go Lockdown

Coronavirus has compel so many countries to take hard decisions to control the spreading rate and one of this decisions is Lockdown. This measure is said to be one of the most effective way in control the virus spread and Ghana also did adopt it.

Ghana go three weeks lockdown and after the three weeks the President of the republic lifted the ban on movement, but safe measures were outline for the general public observe. Washing hands frequently, social distancing, ware nose mask, hand sanitazing in the absence of water and stay home if you don’t anything doing in town.

The people are not observing the approve measures from the world health organization. Few people are adhering to the prevention measures. Many people think everything is alright now therefore living their lives normal like nothing is happening.

The major markets in the capital city is now open for business and the traders are not observing social distancing at all, some are not also warering nose mask and there are shops that are not having hand sanitizer or running water for customer to wash or sanitize their hands.

Some transport operators load their usual number of passengers to the extend that a commencial bus driver stab three passengers and killing one in the Eastern region when question by the passengers why he over load.

Some motorbike operators populariy known as okada are also operating and this is flaws social distancing rule.

On this observation Ghana is likely to go back to lockdown again.

Stay Home or Ware nose mask if you should go out.


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