UNBELIEVABLE! Some Men Carry Their Pregnants Wives Over Hot Coal In China


UNBELIEVABLE! Some Men Carry Their Pregnants Wives Over Hot Coal In China

We all know that every culture has it’s beliefs and rituals with regards to pregnancy. Well, in China, these rituals range from unique to something that should be practised around the world.

Did you know that in China, once a woman
conceives, the father-to-be carries his
pregnant wife over amber coloured,
burning coal? Yeah, hot coal! It is even said
that if the father successful does this, the
mother would have a smooth and less
painful labour. These men do this painful
ritual because the mother of the child has
nine months of raging hormones and pain
during the pregnancy, and they don’t think
that they should have an easier journey

I know that this ritual might seem like a taboo to several people because walking on hot coal seems unhelpful in “making it easier” for their pregnant wives. However, it’s a very unique and spiritual way that shows how the father is willing to take on some of the pain that the mother has to deal with.

They believe this ritual shows the compassion and love that the father-to-be has for both the mother as well as the unborn child. I know that the world will truly be a better place for pregnant women if all the fathers-to-be showed devotion and compassion for this beautiful process of life. Well, guys, would you be willing to carry your pregnant wife over burning coal?


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