Why Albert Einstein’s Brain Was Removed After His Death


Why Albert Einstein’s Brain Was Removed After His Death

Albert Einstein was a theoretical Physicist and he was german who was a ‘Genius’ and was known for his scientific and theoretical achievements and developments.

The genius was delivered on the 14th March, 1879 in Ulm, Germany and gave up the ghost on 18th April, 1955 at the Princeton Medical Centre, New Jersey in US.

He made so many scientific discoveries which seemed impossible as at that time and also invented many theories some of which were “Albert Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity” and “Explanation of the photoelectric effect in physics” with which he won a Nobel prize in 1921.

Albert’s autopsy was conducted in a lab owned by Thomas Stoltz Harvey. He removed his brain and conducted different studies on it trying to figure out what was difference from the Genius brain and that of ordinary humans.

It was revealed in 1978 that the Brain was removed after the his death. It was pulled out to be researched on because it was so valuable and utilized while he was alive, to the extent it was still valuable while he died.

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